Plant Biotech Terms & Conditions

We strongly recommend that you read our terms of sale before you confirm your order. By confirming your order you are agreeing to the terms below.

We will process your request within 5 working days, and email you confirmation of availability / next earliest date when plants of the required size will be available, along with the payment schedule.

PBL guarantees the quality of plants, but our liability ends on handing the consignment over to the carriers.

We abide by our cancellation policy, and would hate to see it put into effect.

We take our privacy policy and our bond of trust seriously, and expect you to do the same.

PBL reserves the right to refuse any order placed by any person, corporation or entity at any time.

Definition of TC Plants, Plugs and 4" Pot Plants

TC Plants: These fully rooted tiny plants are sold in their container (in-agar) or ex-agar, in take-away boxes. These suit most overseas buyers and bulk buyers/growers from Australia. Please note that we sell tc plants in sterile flasks in multiples of 33; each flask contains approx 35 plants but charge only for 33. Minimum buy is one flask.

Plugs: These are established rooted tubestock, normally about 5 cm in height. Best suited for growers and wholesalers within Australia.

4" Pot Plants: 4" pot plants are usually in 4" (100mm) pots. But sometimes they can be overgrown in a 65mm size pot or even in large seedling trays. But we call them 4" pot plants because irrespective of which size pots they are in, the plant size is as good as or even better than 4" pot plants. Fact is, bromeliads always grow better when they are under potted.

These are well established, vigorously growing plants, best suited for retailers, Sunday market sellers, landscapers and hobby gardeners.

We ship all plants in sturdy cardboard boxes.
All shipments are sent via Fastway courier or Australia Post.
We process all orders by 10am on Monday and ship them on Tuesday. All payments received after 10am on Monday will be shipped on the following Tuesday.
Any pick-up’s from our greenhouses will be through prior appointment only, and will have to be arranged a week in advance.

Shipping charges (Australia) explained –

Shipping charges consist of:

1.    Handling
2.    packaging
3.    freight


tc plants –

tissue culture plants are mostly shipped in their container (see picture). Each container is labelled with variety’s botanical name and its code.  Each container has approx. 35 plants.

All plants are taken out of seedling trays/ pots. We take off all the potting mix around its root zone. We then dip the entire plant in dilute seaweed solution and then spray with our special solution which traps the moisture until it reaches you. All the varieties are duly labelled and care is taken so that these labels don’t get wet in transit.


The plants are then packed in special ventilated boxes. Wherever required we pack organic packing material around plants. The boxes are neatly labelled and marked to ensure safe delivery to their new home


We use Australia Post (regular parcel) service to send the plants. In some cases we use Fastway courier. The freight remains unchanged even if we use courier.

Import permit (if required) and import conditions must be obtained and send to us before you place an order for plants from another country. Without the correct permits and/or import conditions it will not be possible for us to obtain phytosanitory certificate for your shipment. Without which your products may be seized by quarantine authorities in your country and an additional fine could be imposed.

Customers from WA, TAS and overseas (except where an import permit and Phytosanitary certificate is not required) can only purchase our tissue culture plants, as quarantine regulations prevent us from shipping potted plants, plugs or seedlings these regions/countries.

Tissue culture plants inspection fee is as follows for bulk buyers from WA /TAS

  • WA - tc plants inspection fee at WA port, currently $35* per 15 min
  • TAS - tc plants inspection fee at TAS port, currently $26.18* per 15 min and $19* thereafter for every additional 15 min.

Customers from Tasmania must submit the Notice of Intention to Import Plants form before the plants have been imported into Tasmania, for a smooth and hassle-free import passage. This form can be obtained from:

We will provide you with any further information before dispatching your order.

Plant Health Inspection and Certification by DPI (if required) will be charged at actual.

Fees subject to change without prior notice by the concerned departments. Please check the quarantine website for latest fees schedule

All prices are quoted in AUS dollars and are inclusive of GST.

  • Immediate Delivery: Full payment will be required when we confirm your request. Orders will only be dispatched on the following wednesday after receipt of payment.
  • Advance bookings: 50% of the full amount will be payable when we confirm your request and the remaining 50% before we dispatch your order.

Payment can be made by credit card (Mastercard or Visa only), PayPal, cheque or deposited into our account. For cheque payments, delivery will be made on realisation of payment. We reserve the right to cancel open orders on any past overdue accounts.

A fee of $30.00 will be charged for any dishonoured cheques.

Prices once agreed upon, will not be changed without your consent.

Plant Biotech inspects all its plants and confirms they adhere to the standards claimed, before being shipped. We accept no responsibility for the plants once the shipment is transported and are not responsible for any damage incurred in transit. Please unpack and inspect your shipment immediately to verify your order. Any discrepancy in the order must be brought to our notice within 48 hours. Any damage due to the courier's neglect must be brought to your transportation carrier's notice.

Plant Biotech does not accept any responsibility for damages that you may incur as a result of non delivery, late delivery or incomplete delivery owing to unavoidable circumstances such as flight delays, bad weather or other natural/man-induced disasters.

All the information and plant images provided within this website are intended as a guide only. Although great care has been taken to ensure they are all correct, PBL claims no responsibility for their accuracy.

PBL reserves the right to reschedule orders due to stock performance or non performance.

We would happily refund your money - at the discretion of the Management - if you are not happy with the product. Products can be returned in their original condition to Plant Biotech, 44 Laxton Road, Palmview, QLD 4553 within 7 days of receipt of the shipment. No refunds will be entertained after 7 days and you will need to pay full invoice amount (if not paid earlier). While doing returns, please include with your return: your name, address and your Reference/Invoice No. Also advise whether you require a refund or a replacement. Return of goods will be entirely the customers’ responsibility.

Any cancellation of orders for delivery within 30 days must be made within a week of confirming the order, and for delivery over 30 days must be made within two weeks of confirming the order. Plant Biotech reserves the right to refuse cancellations after that period, which could result in the deposit being forfeited (partly or fully depending on the time of cancellation).

Any information you provide to us either through this website or otherwise, will be used only for facilitating effective transactions between us (that is, you, the customer, and us, Plant Biotech Pty. Ltd.). We will not intentionally disclose or share any information with a third party without your consent.

Just as we refrain from using material from any other laboratory due to origin, contamination and other issues, we expect that you will not supply our own tissue culture material elsewhere. This is a Bond of Trust that we uphold, and expect to establish with you, our valued customer.