Lab operator – job description

Plant Biotech Pty. Ltd. is a company that propagates plants in a controlled environment in the laboratory. Plants are propagated at micro level. In greenhouses secateurs are used to cut plants for propagation. Whereas in a laboratory, the operators use forceps and scalpel blades to cut plants for propagation.

Plants are grown in sterile take away containers as shown below.

The work involves cutting tiny plants using forceps and scalpel. The procedure resembles something like surgeon performing an operation. The laboratory area is ultra clean and the work is carried out in a sterile environment. The job involves sitting at one place and cutting the plants. You should be comfortable working with delicate things and you are expected to maintain high level of hygiene.  You will be given training on the job. There will be others working with you. You can enjoy the common radio/ music system while working.Work is rostered from Mon – Fri.

Currently we are running one shift a day.

Shift time:

8:30 am to 2:00 pm (5 hrs with half an hour lunch break)

There is a Lunch room where tea/coffee is available for the staff.

Please apply if :

a. you think you can sit for longer hours (5 hours with 30 min lunch break).
b. you like to work by yourself (alone – although there would be many other people working with you, you would be working on your own station and doing work quietly. No interaction with public)
c. you are comfortable doing delicate work
d. you respect high level of hygiene
e. you are okay to wear mask, hairnet and lab coat as can be seen in the picture below
f. you are okay to use 70% alcohol spray on your hands to sanitise them from time to time