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Special bromeliad fertiliser

This is the top notch commercial grade fertiliser used by nurseries. Slow release fertilisers that you get on shelves of supermarkets are just activated by soil temperature and not soil moisture. This special bromeliad fertiliser is 'controlled release fertiliser' which is activated by both soil temperature and moisture. It releases fertiliser when plant needs it. Also unlike many standard fertiliser on supermarket shelves which usually feeds for 3 months, this fertiliser feeds for 12 months. Plus you only need a quarter tablespoon (4-5 gms) per 4” (100mm) pot. That means our 240 gms fertiliser bag can be sufficient for about 50 X 4″ pots.

Directions: Half fill the pot with a good quality, free draining potting mix. Sprinkle appropriate amount of fertiliser* and place the plant in it. Fill with remaining potting mix. Fertiliser may be mixed with the potting mix, but applying fertiliser at the root zone can achieve quicker results. One application lasts 12 months (at 21 deg C average soil temp.) *Use about quarter tablespoon (4-5 gms) per 4” (100mm) pot. Adjust the amount as per the pot size.

Please note that if your bromeliad is a coloured one, it may turn green within a few days. Extensive experiments in our greenhouse have shown that it really doesn’t matter if your coloured bromeliad turns green in the beginning. In fact, it will serve to establish your plant, giving out good vegetative growth.

(This fertiliser is suitable for tubestock, pups and young bromeliads for vigorous growth.) You can then apply an appropriate high potassium fertiliser, which will bring out the colour.

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120 gms, 240 gms

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